Since it's almost Valentines, I've been into reading articles related to love.
And I just read an article about different types of kisses.

Here it goes.
Air Kiss - the act of touching cheek-to-cheek and kissing the air. May be accompanied by the onomatopoeic word 'Mwah'.
Eskimo Kisses - where two people rub their noses together.
French Kiss - a kiss involving the use of tongue, known as the 'baiser amoureux', or 'love kiss' or 'baiser avec la langue', 'kiss with the tongue'.
Woodpecker Kiss - more commonly known as a 'peck', a quick, in a hurry kiss.
Written Kiss - using 'x' in writing or typing to denote a kiss, eg, 'xxx' at the end of an email, sometimes added to written 'hugs', 'ooo'.
Virtual kiss - Used in some online chatrooms, a virtual kiss is given with this symbol :-*
Hershey's Kisses - bite-sized pieces of chocolate, though this is not a kiss but this could be given on Valentines Day.

How about you guys? Which type of kiss is your fave?
This Valentines, give lots of kisses,and  most specially love...

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