Best Laptop Brands 2011

Looking for the best Laptop
Here's some of the best laptop brands out there that's worth your money

Acer: Though the features and innovation are not high here, Acer offers good value for money, thanks to its low pricing strategy. Performance is just average but satisfactory for the price you pay. One of the best laptop brands for college students.

Apple: Many people's favorite laptop brand since it offers great performance and great aesthetics. Can be a bit on the pricey side, but the advanced features are totally worth it.

ASUS: One of the most steadily improving brands that is making the big boys look over their shoulders. The transition from making netbooks to making notebooks is one that ASUS has handled very well indeed.

Dell: Definitely one of the best laptop brands around. Dell offers a lot of choices and its versatility is commendable. Designs need some work though, but this is an aspect that they are constantly striving to improve.

Fujitsu: Not one of the most well-known brands around, and they are more efficient at building tablets instead. Buy a Fujitsu laptop only if you are getting a really attractive deal for the machine.

Gateway: This is a subset brand of Acer and no one is really sure why they are still around. Their features and performance levels are the same as that of Acer, and their USP is value for money as well.

HP: This brand offers some great models and some impressive designs as well, but for some reason people are not very happy with their machines. This could be due to a lack of proper tech support and pretty unimpressive after sales support.

Lenovo: This is one of the best laptop brands around today, and the last year was a very good one indeed. Some stylish new machines have been developed by them, and they are going through a complete revival of their fortunes at the moment.

Samsung: In recent years, Samsung seems to have lost interest in their laptop division. Some new machines that are lined up for release this year seem promising, but the jury is still out.

Sony: Sony's VAIO series are some of the best laptop brands for gaming, and they offer very good performance levels, designs and customer satisfaction. These are great machines to buy and you will not regret your decision one bit.

Toshiba: Another lumbering giant, Toshiba offers good features but performance levels are disappointing. They need to take some impressive steps pretty soon before they are rendered obsolete.

Take your pick, which among them is the best?
Right now, I do have a Samsung Laptop, and so far I haven't encounter any issues yet.

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